The CITT provides Canadian and international businesses with access to fair, transparent and timely processes for the investigation of trade remedy cases and complaints concerning federal government procurement and for the adjudication of appeals on customs and excise matters. At the request of the Government, the Tribunal provides advice in tariff, trade, commercial and economic matters.

Did you know that some appeals can be heard by way of written submissions, without parties incurring the additional expenses of an oral hearing?

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The timeframe to file a procurement complaint is very short (usually 10 working days from the time one learns the ground of complaint).

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As of December 31, 2016, there were 66 anti-dumping and 21 countervailing measures in place in Canada, affecting $2 billion in imports, $10 billion in domestic shipments, and 27,000 jobs in the domestic industries directly benefitting from the measures.

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Dumping and Subsidizing

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